Are Kimonos for Me?

What a beautiful weekend!  I hope everyone got to wear outfits they loved and felt great in.  My outfit of choice this weekend was DEAR JOHN indigo cuffed shorts, black tank and black the-dye kimono. I didn't think I was a kimono girl until I bought it.  It is perfect for work or play.  It is light weight and always makes my outfit have that extra wow factor.  It is also a nice alternative to a structured jacket.  I love the look of a blazer however it is difficult for me to find a good fit across my shoulders and around the top of my arms.

If you think these could be an option you need in your life come see the new styles that arrived this week...hawaiian type floral and a new leopard print.

Enjoy your week and I will be looking for stylish apparel that you can't live without!

Suzanne Hayes

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