Where did the week go?

Where did the week go?  This is the name of our family text about our vacation at Daulphin Island, Alabama.  That is how I feel about the last 2 weeks!  Market was a quick trip but I found awesome unique stuff coming soon! I survived vacation without getting stomach flu that 8 others in my family got.  I enjoyed having all the right outfits for my vacation!  My favorites were my kimonos and strappy dresses. Now back at work one day I got a sore throat that lingered for a week...ugh   I didn't let that stop me from attending a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple this weekend.  I wore my Laundry by Shelli Segal dress...it was perfect for the event and fun to dance in!  Come see us and let us help you find the right outfits for the occasions of your life.

Suzanne Hayes 💚



July 02, 2017 by Suzanne Hayes

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