Welcome to BOARDROOMboutique! 

One of my friends gave me a sign that says "born to shop, not to mop" and nothing could be closer to the truth. While working for Casual Corner in college I spent more than I made that year...

After graduating from the University of Texas,  I got the opportunity to work for the largest retailer in the world, Walmart.  It provided me with a big city career and a small town lifestyle.  I bought apparel for 10 years and traveled the world learning about distribution, P&L management, quality of product along with understanding trends and where customers are going.

Now I want to take this knowledge and put it to work for you. I will bring you the fashion you desire and help you complete your look through wardrobe building. We can dress you for your business meeting or a soccer game. The key is to understand silhouettes, fabrications and colors that work for your lifestyle.

I look forward to seeing you in BOARDROOMboutique and sincerely hope you find the love for shopping that I was born with. 

Have a great day and share your gifts!?

--Suzanne Hayes, Owner/Stylist




Hailey Swalve

My passion is... fashion! I have always had an eye for design.  When I was a child I would tear a part my Barbie outfits (literally) and attempt to sew them together with new pieces so my doll was original.

Working in retail is a blessing because I get to handle new clothes each and every day.  My dream after high school is to become a future E! News correspondent on the red carpet. Helping clients find their original style is where my heart is! 





 Maggie Luster 

My passion is decorating, whether it's my house or putting together an outfit including jewelry, shoes and all the accessories. I enjoy seeing all of the elements come together and helping people feel more confident with their choices, knowing I helped make them happy.

I have a background in Elementary Education and have also owned my own Educational Toy Store. I work at Brighton Collectibles as well. My passion is to help people in a professional, thoughtful way to find what they need for any occasion.